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I’m Seyyed Saeed Behckam, a psychology graduate specializing in clinical psychology and medical psychology. With years of experience in the field, I’m a member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. I offer consultations in various areas, including depression and anxiety, sex therapy, and marriage counseling.

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What is Sex Therapy

Many people experience challenges with intimacy and sexual expression at some point in their lives. Sex therapy can be a powerful tool to navigate these difficulties and create a more fulfilling sex life.

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is a form of psychotherapy that helps individuals and couples improve their sexual health and satisfaction. It provides a safe and supportive space to address a wide range of concerns, including:

  • Sexual dysfunction: This can encompass issues like low desire, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, orgasm difficulties, and pain during sex.
  • Communication problems: Difficulty discussing sex openly and honestly can significantly impact intimacy.

Family Counseling

Family is the foundation of our lives, but sometimes that foundation can feel shaky. Disagreements, communication breakdowns, or external stressors can create tension and conflict within a family unit. This is where family counseling comes in.

What is Family Counseling?

Family counseling, also known as family therapy, is a form of psychotherapy designed to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen relationships within a family. It’s a collaborative process where a trained therapist acts as a neutral guide, facilitating open and honest communication between family members.

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