Seyyed Saeed Behckam

I am Saeed Behckam, an Iranian psychologist doctor in Canada, and a graduate of clinical psychology and medical and health psychology.
During my school days in the early 70s, I heard the word “subconscious mind” for the first time. At that time, this term was very new to me, and the explanations I read about it at the same age showed me that an important part of what is going on in our lives is related to the content of our subconscious mind.

دکتر سید سعید بهکام

My interest in psychology was never forgotten even though I had other educations and jobs. Reading psychology was an important part of my studies and later I decided to study and pursue psychology in the university. During this transition, while studying continuously, I became a member of prestigious international scientific associations such as psychology and psychoanalysis associations in America and Canada.

What is most worthy of attention for me in the meantime is my familiarity with Sigmund Freud and psychoanalysis.

In fact, it must be said that Sigmund Freud’s influence on mental health is undeniable. Before Freud, the understanding of human mental states or mental illnesses was largely inaccurate and treatment options were limited and dehumanizing. Freud’s revolutionary ideas, especially the unconscious mind and psychoanalysis, fundamentally changed the way humanity approached mental health. Emphasizing the discovery of repressed thoughts and feelings, psychoanalysis offers a deep and effective approach that is highly effective and continues to influence the more basic techniques of psychology today, even a century after Freud’s presentation.

As a clinical psychologist and lover of psychoanalysis, during my years of professional experience, I have helped countless clients to walk together on the path of deep self-knowledge and improvement of mental health.

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